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Seth's 65 Corvair Monza (convertible)

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This site is dedicated to Uncle Jim for giving me this fine automobile and for his suport in helping to restore it to what it is today.


I have divoted this site to not only my car (seen left) but the best car America had to offer in the sixtys. The Corviar is the only American car to have a rear mounted air cooled engine. This breath taking car was produced from 1960-1969, and is still cherished today by thousands.

The car you see to the left is a 1965 corviar monza convertable, with a 3.0, 110 hp horizantaly apossed 6 cly twin carb using a 2 speed automatic power glide trans-axile(i wish i had a 4 speed). At the moment it has no roof becouse i am in the middle of replacing it but as soon as i finish i will be sure to update the pic. It has been a slow process to restor this car to its origanal condition. Curently i have rebuilt the engine, repaird rust damage to the body as well as tuchups on the paint job (witch is still origanal), and i have conditioned the roof frame and now i am redy to install the new roof.


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