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Seth's 65 Corvair Monza (convertible)
My Baby


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Here are a few more pictures of my car (note: the pictures on this page are not to date). A little history on this car, about 10 years a go the former owner of the car had to leave the state for a few years for work. unfortanutly had to leave it in the front yard to be subjected to the weather. On top of that a cat slashed the roof alowing the inside to be subjected to the weather. When i got this car i knew i had a hand full but never the less i have more pide in this car then some gangser and his lowrider.


This is a picture of body damage from being rear ended 10 years ago.


Take a look at the origanal hubcaps


Here you can see the roof is almost redy to be put on. 


This is a picture of the front of my car, notice it has no grill, becouse the engine is in the back.