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Seth's 65 Corvair Monza (convertible)
Other Toys


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This is one of my other toys i like to call the "Scooter". Its a little more then the a "GO-PED" but not quite a dirt bike.  When i bought this contraption it was compleatly "jery rigged" this whole thing was put together by spear parts found in the guys parts room.  It had problems like: water line for fuel line, a crapy throttle (when you turned left the engine would execelerate), fire extingesher for a fuel tank, chain saw chain for drive chain, crap engine mounts (where welds had broken they guy used grade 2 bolts), the magnito that he used came off a weed wacker. Just basic stuff like that. When every thing started braking i decided to rip it apart and rebuild it the right way. Here are pics of the progress.


This is the frame compleatly striped down ready to be re asembled.

This is the massive 100 cc yammaha engine that came of a 72 dirt bike, it puts out almost 20 horses.